Order status

You can check your order status: here

  • Completed - the order has been fully implemented, money has been send to customer
  • User confirmed payment - order will be prosside soon
  • Suspended - order suspended , contuct our support teem for more information
  • Auto sending error, we send money manual - error of automatic mode, order will be complitet in manual mode in working ours.
  • Not paid - order still not paid or do not recive answer from payment system.

1. Schedule:
Our service processes orders and provides an assistance from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 (GMT+2), except holidays, which are previously reported in the news on our website. Before 10:00 o’clock, after 18:00 o’clock and on Saturdays and Sundays processing orders, sending and receiving money transfers is not made.

  • • Exchange WebMoney to money transfer (Western U) - from 2 till 24 hours;
  • • Withdraw WebMoney to the VISA and MasterCard cards - from 2 hours till 5 bussines days;
  • • Exchange WebMoney to PayPal - from 2 till 24 hours;

2. Buy and sell electronic currency.

We accept orders in automatic mode, around the clock.

2.1. Buying and withdrawal the e-currency via money transfers (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc) you can order during business hours on weekdays. Our service usually receives and sends money transfers within 1-3 hours, but maximum in 24 hours on weekdays. But the processing speed of the order mostly depends on the time of filing.

3. Consultants

Consultants are working weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.

4. Rates:

4.1.Our fee for exchange depends on the direction of the exchange and it is specified in the Fees.

4.2. When you make a withdrawal of e-currency with a payment system, where the fee is taken from the recipient, then you get the money minus fee of our service and minus fee of that payment system.


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